Many of the most time-consuming parts of the renovation of the former Mt Vernon Veterinary Clinic building are over. The plumbing is done and the electrical complete. The roof repairs have been tended to and tons and tons of refuse, junk, muck and more have been removed. Firewalls have been built, leaky doors replaced and new ones installed, and the new HVAC is in and ready for setup. You can see the extent of the completed work in the photos below.  And we’re not stopping. This week the spray insulation is scheduled, and after that paint, gravel, kennel installation, equipment, supplies, and more.

It’s a little hard to tell here, but the newly sheet-rocked areas above the blue and yellow walls and the white cabinets used to be open space. Now we’ve added firewalls – first for safety and security, but with an added benefit – now we can get the new HVAC system up and running and all the cats, dogs, staff, volunteers, and visitors will sty cool in the summer and warm in the winter!


The leaky old roll up garage doors have been replaced to stop the drafts, and the walls are prepped and ready for insulation.  We’ve also created new access doors to improve the flow of traffic through the building.


The brand new HVAC is in and ready for setup and testing. This is a large area with plenty of space that previously held livestock.  It wasn’t suitable for housing pets as it was, so it’s been cleaned up, caulked, old doors replaced, weatherproofing and firewalls installed.  Once we get the HVAC setup and the spray insulation, we can start installing kennels!


Our volunteers work hard – very hard!  It’s nearly impossible to fathom the number of hours our volunteers have spent cleaning out muck and mud.  This is a BIG place with a lot of um….. “stuff” left over from all the livestock that came through.  But our volunteers have been AMAZING, and they deserve so much gratitude and appreciation for their time and efforts.